Craving More Makeup Artist?

If you are thinking about becoming a professional makeup artist there are a variety of different career alternatives offered. Jobs in the makeup artist market range from ending up being a fashion designer makeup artist for using make-up in a funeral home. Naturally, there are numerous alternatives in between. Working as a freelance makeup artist is one. Working on video or industrial shoots are others. Prior to you begin a career in this field, it’s a great idea to take a seat and figure out what kind of makeup artist job would fit you most. This will enhance the possibility that you will in fact enjoy what you’re doing and not simply collecting a paycheck awaiting the day to be over.

Doing makeup in fashion settings is one choice and it’s an excellent one. This consists of things such as publication shoots, fashion runway modeling, as well as doing makeup for fashion industry video promos. The pay in this field is normally low, except for makeup artists with a well established track record.

How could we forget about …

Usually makeup artists are well paid, specifically if they are tied to modelling, fashion, photography and the world of movies. Makeup artists are normally independent experts even as there could makeup artists under the contract by a firm or employed by manufacturing homes.


While there are specific schools to groom makeup artists, a bulk of them also get trained under senior makeup artists or may also be interning at a theatre or a home entertainment production company.

Another career choice is as a make-up artist in the movie and tv markets. These individuals work with the Director in establishing the style of the make-up and the manufacturing requirements. This kind of work exists in film, TELEVISION, advertising and business videos, etc. The pay in this area is once again usually low. A student will certainly frequently work for nothing or very low salaries in order to construct a portfolio. A great deal of the work in this area is freelance, which makes it difficult to guess how much cash an individual might make. Yearly profits can vary. A single person may make $34,000 and another, $60,000 per year. It just depends. Nevertheless, top earners in this field can make up to $150,000 a year.

Comprise artists working in Hollywood are well compensated for their skill and time on set and handling temperamental stars and long hours and directors. The leading makeup, fashion artists working in this field can make in the area of a million United States dollars a year. If the film or series is really effective, the artist can remain to protect work on consecutive and other manufacturings.

Makeup artistry can be an overwhelming career choice for those that are driven by money and not passion. It takes time to sharpen abilities, make contacts and construct a great track record. The most successful makeup artists are the personal artists for celebs and famous customers and produce their own lines of cosmetics which can remain to pay without limits.

An area of the business that is seldom thought of is a mortician makeup artist. These individuals’s job is to give bereaved families the chance to remember their liked one as they were in life. Using makeup for funeral chapels is not a job for everyone, but it can be a fulfilling career. Because lots of mortician makeup artists are likewise funeral house directors, the pay in this area is usually quite high.

There are readily available makeup artist tasks for young up and coming expert makeup artists. It might take a little time to discover your niche and that’s to be expected. Do not feel bad due to the fact that when you discover where you ‘fit’ you’ll enjoy exactly what you’re doing due to the fact that it will sufficiently match you.

Ceramide From A-z

There are many uses of citric acid. When citric acid is incorporated with magnesium, it forms magnesium stearate. This acid is naturally discovered in many of the foods that are widely consumed such as poultry, fish, meat, eggs, butter, milk products, grains, cocoa, coconut and many other such good stuff. One of the most typical uses of citric acid and its variations is as an ingredient in making candle lights, plastics, nutritional supplements, oil pastels and cosmetics, and for softening rubber. It likewise makes use of to harden soaps, specifically those that are made with vegetable oil.

Stearic Acid is typically considered to be a low to moderate risk ingredient. There have been claims, in researches that were done, that in small amounts, citric acid could result in some kinds of cancer. There have likewise been lesser concerns relating to the skin, organ toxicity and irritation of skin as possible stearic acid adverse effects. Another research study that was done on animals showed that there was some amount of effect on the brain and nerve effects, respiratory system, together with some amount of skin irritation at extremely low doses. In vitro tests on mammalian cells were favorable for mutation results. This is where the issue of its possible carcinogenic effect originates from.

Some Random Thoughts About Ceramide

Regardless of all these claims, stearic acid is generally considered a safe and a mild ingredient, when it is in concentrations that are below the limits that have been revealed to trigger irritation to the skin, especially in cases of extremely sensitive skin. The reason why stearic acid has handled to produce such a furor is because animal lovers claim that it is originated from slaughterhouses. They claim that unless it is specified that the stearic acid is originated from coconut oil, it is usually presumed that it is in truth an animal derivative. They claim that the meat is separated from the animals, then the fat cells are taken and focused to turn it into stearic acid. Some even claim that the stearic acid negative side effects that are seen are in part due to this treatment.

Furthermore, magnesium stearate is most commonly discovered as a consolidated product of citric acid and some claim that it is made by the hydrogenation of cottonseed or palm oil. Cottonseed oil has the highest amount of pesticide residues as compared to other industrial oil and this is exactly what coats the nutrients that are found in supplements. Therefore, this will certainly tend to postpone the absorption of these nutrients in the intestinal tracts. In huge doses, magnesium stearate can trigger damage to the skin and can even trigger liver toxicity.

The majority of cosmetic and pharmaceutical items for topical application which claim to be reliable for the reduction of skin irregularities, like excessive dryness, appearance of spider veins, damaged skin tissues, etc., as an effect of other skin conditions (such as eczema, contact dermatitis, etc.) and swelling. A lot of ceramide creams also consist of a number of other chemicals and nurturing agents that act as anti-aging catalysts by tightening the collagen in the skin. For that reason, ceramide 2 is an active ingredient in a lot of anti-aging skin care products. Nearly all creams that proclaim themselves as having spider vein lowering properties consist of ceramide 2, as it is understood to be excellent for starting collagen generation and is effective in controling the moisture levels of the skin. It works by revitalizing the extracellular network that exists on the walls of the veins, which leads to the strengthened venal walls. The effect of this process is seen as noticeably minimized spider veins.

Ceramide 3 is used in the majority of anti-aging moisturizers that aim at apprehending serious dryness. It is extremely effective in securing wetness, which it does by accelerating the rate at which the skin restores itself. It quickens the skin’s capability to recover the damages that any of its layers have undergone. This strengthens the skin and assists it lock in all the vital moisture that it has to remain smooth, supple, and glowing. This makes it an outstanding active ingredient for items that deal with dry and delicate skin problems.

Ceramide-based moisturizers work terrific on dry, harmed, and cracked skin and are particularly effective in arresting these signs in hard areas, like the heels and the elbows, that get dry and broke easily however don’t heal as quickly. Also, where routine moisturizers fail to make a distinction, a ceramide-enriched moisturizer might just work. These moisturizers must be resorted to only in case of sever dryness or sensitivity, as unnecessary application may damage the skin’s integrated mechanism to heal and restore itself. While pondering such a product for bothersome skin, it’s finest to consult a skin doctor rather of turning a guinea pig for experimenting the product’s efficacy. Realizing and getting the right advice will certainly be the initial step in the direction of a much healthier tomorrow, so do not weaken the significance of expert examination.

In the end, whether the side effects of citric acid are because of its topical effect in the skin, or due to its concentration which ultimately results in neurotoxicity and nephrotoxicity is yet to be seen. However, it is commonly advocated to always try and settle for making use of natural soaps and items which contain very little preservatives and animal derivatives.


If you see little unbecoming black dots on your nose when you take a look at your face in the mirror, do not fret, you are only dealing with blackheads. Blackheads on the nose are a typical trouble. If you are a lady, there are several treatments available to remove them and right here are some pointers you could utilize to cover them up with make-up.

Treating blackheads on the nose takes some time and noticeable skin cleaning results are not obtained overnight. There are many topical OTC items you could make use of to treat them, but the most reliable results can be acquired with an excellent blackhead treatment routine.

The Continuing Blackheads Discussion

The trouble with dealing with blackheads on dry skin is the following: most blackhead treatments dry up the skin. It is not their negative side effects, however rather a wanted impact. Blackheads are formed when the extreme skin oil clogs the pores and prevents the oil to be removed through them. This is why to get rid of blackheads you need to dry up the skin and minimize the amount of oil produced by oil glands. If you have dry skin, this kind of treatment could trigger some problems. Your skin ends up being even drier, and it may start cracking or flaking. This causes irritation, inflammation as well as inflammation of the skin.

Blackheads Update:

So, how can you do away with blackheads on dry skin? To start with, you need to offer your skin with adequate care. And you need to hydrate it. Consume a great deal of water. This may help to keep your skin more moisturized from completely. You may also wish to consume a lot of veggies and fruit, which contain water. Cucumbers, melons, apples, tomatoes make a good option. The water from these fruits gets taken in more effectively by your body. Besides, they have the vitamins your skin needs to work appropriately.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Blackheads

If you want to include all possible ‘weapons’ in your anti acne arsenal, you should consider making changes to your diet. Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated. Eat vegetables, fruit, plant oils and fish to nurture your skin effectively and to keep it smooth and young. Of course, such a diet plan does not help you to obtain rid of blackheads on the nose straight. It helps to improve your general skin condition and health, and it assists you to fight acne.

Cleansing is an important part of the program. Blackheads are not triggered by dirt, nevertheless, by cleaning your skin as you assist it to exfoliate and wash off the germs that can cause skin swelling if they get inside your blackheads. Make sure to use special acne cleansers; they help to clean the pores and dry up the skin.

Use acne subjects for treating blackheads on nose. These subjects might contain salicylic acid to clean the pores from within and exfoliate the skin. They might likewise include 2,5 to 10 percent benzoyl peroxide. This active component kills bacteria, gets deep inside the pores and cleans them out. If your skin ends up being too dry, ensure to apply an excellent moisturizer after your treatment.

Finally, you could wish to stop using topical for blackhead treatment for a while. They do dry up the skin a lot, particularly such subjects as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. The extreme skin dryness might cause worse skin troubles than acne.

As you could see, skin problems cannot be dealt with one by one. Skin treatment needs an intricate method. The finest way to go about the treatment is to maintain the general health of your body if you desire to know how to get rid of blackheads. This would significantly contribute to keeping your skin healthy, great and smooth looking.

Now, if you want to get rid of blackheads quick, you might want to utilize make-up to conceal the enlarged come-down pores. Prior to you apply make-up, you need to clean your face well with cold water. This assists to shrink down the pores. Next, you need to use a make-up primer on. This works well for girls with acne troubles. Next comes the foundation. Prevent utilizing oil based foundations, as they have the tendency to block the pores even more and they do not conceal the enlarged pores. It is a typically made mistake to apply powder foundation on a dry face. It has to be applied load a wet face and cannot be replied during the day. If you want to repair it up, so to start, you have to remove the foundation entirely and do it over again.

In some cases, using a foundation may cause your blackheads to bulge much more. To prevent it, you need to very carefully pick a foundation adapted to your type of skin and to your color of skin. You could also use nose powder to cover up blackheads. Loose powder is the best one to utilize, as it takes on the additional oil from your skin and does not exfoliate.

Following these pointers on the best ways to cover and treat up blackheads on the nose, you may get long-term lead to acne removal and short-lived results in covering up your blackheads.

Obvious Things About Age Spots

Age spots, particularly on the face are nasty. They generally are not hazardous it is at least a cosmetic issue that can affect detrimentally your self-worth. Age spots might be typical in other locations as well – your arms, shoulders and hands most likely. To obtain rid of age spots, you ought to initially be familiar what they are and where they come from. After that you have to think what would be the very best way for you – depending likewise just how much cash you are ready to place on the treatment (there are likewise cheap approach that may be worth of attempting). In this post I will initially inform you about the age spots and after that about the methods to get rid of them, however likewise ways to prevent to get them again.

Age spots as a term refers to the brown spots that appear on the skin. The term brown spot, sun spot, liver spot, incorrectly and senile/solar incorrectly indicate exactly the very same.

The spots vary from light brown to red or almost black in color. Formerly it was incorrecty believed that liver spots were due to liver troubles. Age spots neither have anything to do with how old you are though they are more typical with older people.

Given that the age spots originate from the sun, the term sun spot is more precise and I will call them sun spots away on. And the skin ages in the sun. So the longer you have actually stayed in the sun the older your skin feels even if your physical age is low at all.

Let’s Continue This Analysis

Sometimes these spots are called liver spots, however they have nothing to do with liver function or even your age. The ‘age spots’ have more to do with how long you have been exposed to the sun.

The sun harms the melanocytes (cells in the skin’s surface area layer) that produce melanin pigment and move this pigment to other skin cells to help to secure us versus the sun’s UV rays. Absolutely these from form just 5-10 % of the cells in skin’s surface layer (skin).

Many individuals (like me with Irish background) have hardly any melanin pigment and their skin does not safeguard effectively from the sun and when the sun attacks the body does not understand ways to respond effectively. The outcome can be irregular melanin pigment that forms spots.

There are different classifications of brownish, dark spots. There are freckles and solar lentigos, or age spots. When the sun harms the cells on the surface area of the skin, these are created. Many of the cells on the surface form a layer of dead skin and layer of keratin that is expected to secure our skin from outside threats, like the sun and ecological toxins. About 10 % if the time cells produce a pigment that produces melanin pigment that produces the brown spots, in truth, it is trying to protect the skin when the pigment is formed. Darker skin people have more protection from this pigmentation than lighter skinned people. As an outcome, lighter skinned people get freckling and brown patches.

The short answer is yes, it is possible that they are malignant. In the huge bulk they are safe and no treatment is essential. To be sure about that, you must consult a skin specialist.

Laser treatment is normally an extremely effective technique to eliminate solar flare, but it is absolutely not the most affordable way. It could require two or more sessions to get rid of the spots totally, depending on where they are located and the number of there are. The rates differ from about $700 as much as $5000.

In cryosurgery the abnormal skin cells are damaged and gotten rid of with freezing. Usually it is a really fast procedure with rather little negative side effects. The freezing representative can be applied directly to the skin with a swab or sprayed on. The rates differ from $300 approximately $2000 however the quality of treatment is very much equivalent to the price specifically on the lower rate levels.

A lot of insurance coverage does not cover cosmetic procedures such as age spot removal. These treatments can be really expensive, but there are options you can attempt if you can not pay for the rate of medical treatment.

Dr. Charles Davidson has actually developed a remedy to eliminate moles, warts and skin tags quick and all-natural way. I myself have actually never had a mole or wart trouble (well, occasionally it’s tough to state exactly what the spots actually are, I have actually constantly believed they were just sunning spots) however I have actually had a solar flare given that I was a teenager. As I have some Irish genes I have been more sensitive to the sun than the majority of other people. I just believed Dr. Davidsons methods were worth to test – I wouldn’t lose that much if it didn’t work.

However, although he does not discuss eliminating age spots on the face or your body, it worked for me. I would suggest you to read more on his book Moles, Warts & Skin tag removal.

As the treatments can only remove existing solar flare, however, can not avoid the development of the new spots you need to do it yourself. It is really basic. Just protect yourself from the sun! Stay clear of the sun, protect your skin with clothing and a hat and wear sunscreen all the time. It’s never too late to begin, you can prevent damage and decrease your skin aging.

You need to prevent excess sun to avoid premature skin aging, age spots, wrinkles and skin cancer. There are various treatments you might attempt once you establish spotting of the skin.

The majority of sun damage we receive occurs while we are driving. Vehicle windows, filters 100 % of UVA rays (that triggers burns) however, none of the UVB which is accountable for sun damage and skin aging. Possibly you should think about setting up a UVB-protecting film installed on your vehicle windows.

Age spots have absolutely nothing to do with your physical age, they come from the time you have actually been in the sun. It is a breakdown of the skin cells triggered by sun’s UV rays. To prevent these spots you have to secure yourself from the sun. There are several treatment methods to eliminate age spots, but they are usually either extremely pricey or inefficient. Dr. Davidson has made a natural cure that works likewise for age spots.

Preventing Dark Circles Under Eyes Criteria

Those who are alarmed by their abrupt look frequently seeking remedies for tired eyes and dark eye circles. An old adage states that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but, much more often, they function as windows to the body’s total health.

Stainings in the area are more unattractive than they are a real wellness concern, but they can be a signal that a modification in one’s way of life is in order. For that reason, understanding exactly what triggers dark circles and understanding ways to remedy this condition is vital to obtaining rid of the trouble at least.

Did you know that lack of sleep is not the real cause of dark circles under the eyes? Nevertheless, if you do not get adequate sleep, you can increase your chances of experiencing this trouble. Your skin turns pale, making dark circles look more prominent.

Notwithstanding the following …

Eye-Exposure to the sun: because the skin under the eye can really thin, prolonged exposure to sunshine (specifically during the summer season) cause hyper-Pigmentaci ón appropriately is Dark Circles.

And Now For The Best Of Preventing Dark Circles Under Eyes

The absence of sleep/ tiredness: The common elements represent the pale skin – especially in the sensitive area in accordance with the eyes – the blood, the illuminated under the skin, creating the impression of a Dark Circles flows under the eyes.

Aging- As we get older the folds of skin under the eyes could become clearer that causes the dark emotion circle.

Allergies-Any condition of the skin that triggers itching of the skin that scrape, or rub your skin and cause a darkening of the area to make around his eyes.

Same thing applies well to the skin under eyes. When skin under eyes gets exposed to the sun it tans and appears dark.

Medications which cause dilation of capillary cause dark circles under eyes. Dilated capillary enables more blood to stream through them and these capillary look popular with under eye skin which is very thin.

Poor nutrition leads to paleness of skin under eyes. Absence of vital nutrients in diet plan or inadequate diet causes discoloration of under eye skin.

Do not leave cream on the skin around the eyes for extended periods. Eliminate the cream applied around the eye after 10 min. No cream needs to be left on the skin around the eyes for long periods.

Close your eyes and cover eyelids with slices of raw potato or cucumber for 15-20 minutes. Wash with warm water and use a cream.

Make a 1:1 mixture of fresh potato and cucumber juices. Soak some cotton and put on your eyelids and keep for 20 minutes. Wash your eyes with cold water.

About Blackheads

Blackheads are black colored bumps or plugs on the skin. It is a really common kind of acne that affects everyone. How do these blackheads really develop? When a pore of the skin is partly closed, some oil like substance called sebum, bacteria and other dead skin cells get accumulated in it. These particles slowly deteriorate and draw off into the surface area of the skin. The black color is not due to the presence of germs or dust particles, but is due to the presence of keratin in sebum and cannot be washed away. The color may also be caused due to a reaction between a pigment of the skin, known as Melanin, and Oxygen in the environment. Your face is one location that is influenced by blackheads. When the skin’s natural oil sets the pore of the skin blackheads are formed. Sebum is called skin’s natural oil. People with oily skin and delicate skin are prone to have blackheads.

Steaming your face or body can help in removing blackheads. Boil some water and pour it in a bowl. Now bring your face above the steam that comes from the bowl. Steam assists in opening the pores on your skin. After steaming your face utilize a face scrub to exfoliate your skin. This will help in getting rid of dead skin cells. You can buy a scrub from the establishments or you can produce own in the house itself.

Keep your skin clean by washing it twice a day with a mild skin cleanser. Try and utilize a product made from natural ingredients. Cleaning will certainly get rid of the excessive oil on your skin.

News About Blackheads:

Another exceptional solution to eliminate blackheads is a facial scrub made from almond powder. Mix almond powder with increased water and develop a paste. Gently use this paste to your zits and blackheads. You can wash the paste after 30 minutes. This will give you exceptional results.

Natural products are best to obtain rid of blackheads. A facial scrub made from oatmeal produces great outcomes. Mix a cup of oatmeal with a tablespoon of baking soda and four tbsps of Aloe Vera juice. Apply this facial scrub once or twice a month to keep black areas at bay.

Using a facial scrub has actually been shown in the area of how to eliminate the blackheads and you can easily find a natural product with numerous of the medicine stores or natural food shops. If you desire to get the finest outcomes, you need to just use the scrub every other day. As an alternative you might grind up oatmeal beans and combine with a tsp of oat meal and create your own facial scrub. You can even make it in bulk and utilize an airtight container to keep it until you are ready to use it in a couple days. Applying the mix is easy. You just include a little water to the powder and after that extremely gently rub it into your skin on your face. Do not use it around the eye location on your face.

See to it you do not pop or press your blackheads. If you do, you will irritate them and trigger them to spread. Do not scratch your blackheads if they itch. Touching them could aggravate your skin and will certainly cause an extreme breakout.

When you take your shower in the morning, soaked your facecloth in lukewarm to warm water that you will apply straight on the blackheads. That should open the pores and help clear the blackheads extremely quickly. There are other remedies that you can attempt, but keeping the area clean should keep blackheads and other skin troubles away. You can likewise attempt and keep your pillow clean by changing it frequently. Your hair tend to have oil that can be transferred on the pillow and when you are sleeping your face can be in contact with that way and the pillow, blackheads can establish. How to get rid of blackheads with home remedies is not tough to do. When dealing with blackheads, keep in mind cleanliness ought to be high on your concern list.

Getting Cash While On Vacation In Florida

When many people take a vacation, it follows them home…in a bad way. That means that when they return home, they’re still paying on the credit cards that they used on vacation.

Everyone today has the mind set of simply pulling out their credit cards to pay for vacation. That can be very dangerous but people seem to think that’s the easy way. It is so easy to pay cash for a vacation despite that popular opinion. You start by having a weekly deduction from your paycheck automatically put into a savings account. This money will get out of your check before you even see it, much the same thing as the government takes taxes out of your check. Many people do not really stop to think how much money the government now taking, but that is a matter for another article.

But What About This??

In this example we will put $20 per week into a savings account. At the end of 1 year, you have $1, 040 to spend on vacation. You may say that $1, 040 is not much money for a vacation, but what you can get is a vacation that doesn’t follow you home. You can take a 3-4 day vacation and pay cash for it.

If you want to go on a more expensive vacation you can always just take a weekend trip one year. Do not spend all of the money that you’ve saved. Only spend about $300. The next year you’ll have $740 from the previous year plus $1, 040 from the current year. The total money available to spend on vacation would be $1, 780.

Taking a break from your routine life and goes on a vacation with your family, once or twice a year, if possible, has tremendous benefits.Everyone who has a full-time job knows how boring it can be to work towards a whole year without getting enough time to unwind. In the daily routine busy life, the family members don’t get adequate time to interact with each other, though they stay together in the same house. A vacation provides them ample opportunity for all the members to be free from their routine responsibilities, and chat heart-to-heart, exchange jokes etc during their travel and on the vacation spots, in a very relaxed way.Relationship counselors will always advice couples to try and spend some time away from their house on a romantic vacation, if they have issues that they may wish to solve. Not only does it give a couple time to reflect, it also ushers a feeling of relaxation. This is one of the issues that can bring any warring parties together.

Remember the primary purpose of a vacation is to move away from the stress of work for a small while and enjoy yourself. You can do that in 2-3 days or a few weeks. It is much less stressful when you return and know that you’ve all ready paid for your vacation.

Obviously if your budget allows you to define more money aside than $20 per week for a vacation, so you can have more money to spend for your vacation.

Exploring The Many Ocean Floors

Standing around a sand & water table, playing in the river, manipulating the sand and other things is a fun learning experience for preschool children. A sand & water activity center should be a changing, interesting place for students to explore sensory information and expand their fine and gross motor skills. remotely operated vehicles (rov), for more details..

Sand & water play can become even more fun by the introduction of a theme like making an ocean floor. Invite the children to imagine an ocean floor and to say that of some items they might find there. You can even encourage them to think out of the box a little bit and list some things you wouldn’t typically see in the lower part of the ocean like a truck or cow.

Interesting stuff!

The only thing that really puts a limit to what sort of objects you can then use in your sand and water table are your questions and the children’s imaginations! Some pretty common sand and water toys you can use to create your ocean floor are a sunken vessel, a chest full of treasure, toy fish and plants, sea shells, toy boats, and decorative rocks and minerals.

While the angler fish looks nightmarish, there is little more terrifying about the ocean than its best predator– the shark. Even the deepest parts of the oceans have sharks prowling the water. Not too much is known about the goblin shark, which just makes things worse. Only a few species have ever turned up in fishing boats. This is majorly how we study sea creatures. The goblin shark is known as a living fossil as it is believed to date back as long as 125 million years ago. This shark only lives about one mile deep in the ocean, feeding off other deep sea fish. Since the ocean is so dark, the goblin shark has transparent skin giving it a pink color as a result of the blood vessels underneath. Since the ocean is so dark at that level, the shark has tiny eyes, and is based on its other senses to hunt. Its prolonged snout is used for rustling around on the ocean floor to turn up bottom feeding shrimp or crabs. Related articles; Cool underwater video cameras.

As the children are having fun creating the ocean floor you can teach them about ocean life and how the ocean is full of huge whales and small little animals like crabs and shrimp. You can also use that time to educate them about the food supply or how it is important to keep the oceans pollution free.

Fun With Explore Ocean Floor

Students can create imaginary worlds in the sea they made by arranging the objects into different scenes. They can use their imaginations with their friends to make up stories and role play as they move things through the water well as on the ocean floor. They can build individual ocean floor worlds or one big ocean floor that they create as a class.

One of the most satisfying sounds in nature is perhaps the sound waves make as they crash against the shore. By making a shore with extra sand students can mimic that sound as they create small waves. They can even build tiny sand castles on the shore and knock them over with the waves they make. You could also set out big seashells and have them to hear the ocean within the shell. Often times allowing the children to run wet sand and water through their hands has a calming effect on them.

Another way for children to use their feelings of touch at the sand and water table is by looking for hidden objects in the sand. You could bury some things the children could take home with them after they find them like small rocks or rings, or other forms of little treasures.

Sand and water tables are a place for dynamic exploration and activity. An ocean floor theme provides a delightful sensory experience for preschool children. As they develop their motor skills they’ll have fun creating an imaginary ocean world and searching for hidden objects.

Bergamot – Random Ideas

Earl Grey tea is a black tea with a distinctive taste and aroma that I find very appealing. The flavor comes from oil of bergamot. This is taken from the peel of bergamot oranges, or bergamots. These sour citrus fruits are grown in several countries, but are most abundant in the region of Calabria in southern Italy. Oil of bergamot is used to flavor desserts, confectionery and liqueurs as well as beverages. It also supplies a pleasant scent to perfumes and lotions and is used in aromatherapy.

The small quantities of bergamot oil used in drinks and foods are safe-and delicious-but the oil can only be safe when applicable to the skin because it makes skin photosensitive. This means that ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is most likely to damage skin cells. Some people have developed blisters, rashes, and increased pigmentation after exposure to concentrated bergamot oil and ultraviolet light, and the oil may increase the likelihood of skin cancer. One chemical in bergamot oil that induces photosensitivity is bergapten. However, other chemicals may participate as well.

The word ‘bergamot’ is also served to refer to herbs in the mint family. They are very different plants from the bergamot orange. However, their leaves do have a flavor that is redolent of oil of bergamot.

Earl Grey tea is named after Earl Charles Grey, who was prime minister of Britain from 1830 to 1834. There are several stories that attempt to describe how the Earl was related to the tea. One of the most fanciful is that the Earl played a part in saving a Chinese mandarin’s son from drowning. The grateful father created the tea as a gift for the Earl. Another story says that Earl Grey’s family asked a Chinese mandarin to create a tea that would neutralize the lime found in the water around their home. However, it’s most likely that applying the prime minister’s name to the tea was merely a way to honor him.

Thought Provoking Discussion on Bergamot

Lady Grey tea is named after Mary Elizabeth Grey, the wife of Charles Grey. This tea contains oil of bergamot, lemon peel and orange peel, as well as cornflower or lavender. These are both blue in color. The flowers are sometimes omitted from the tea. There are other non-traditional varieties of Earl Grey tea available in stores today. Sometimes oil of bergamot is in addition to green tea instead of black tea. Jasmine may be added as a flavor.

Bergamot juice has a sour fruit taste. It tastes less sour than a lemon but more bitter than grapefruit. It’s distinctive aroma is used in Earl Grey tea. Bergamot isn’t grown for consumption, but instead for its essential oil. One hundred bergamot oranges will yield about three ounces of oil. Bergamot oil has a thin consistency.

The bergamot orange plant grows as a small to medium sized tree and produces its fruit in winter. The leaves are ovate with pointed tips. The aromatic fruits are the size of edible oranges and have the yellow color of a lemon when they are ripe. They likewise have a pale yellow flesh. Most are slightly pear-shaped, owing to a small ‘neck’.

The plant is believed to have designed as a hybrid between a sour orange and another citrus fruit, probably a lemon or a lime. The first description of bergamots comes from the early eighteenth century. There are two versions of the bergamot’s scientific name. Some researchers wish to use the name Citrus bergamia, while others call the plant Citrus aurantium (the same scientific name as bitter orange) and put the plant in the subspecies bergamia. Bergamot oranges are used to produce oil of bergamot and a marmalade. However, they are not eaten as fruit or used to make fruit juice-they are far too sour and bitter.

Calabria is the most popular area for bergamot oil production, since the bergamot trees there consistently produce fruits containing a high-quality oil. Calabria is the region that forms the ‘toe’ of Italy. Bergamot trees grow mainly near the coastline. Catanzaro is the capital of the region.

CAUTION! Skin treated with bergamot oil must be maintained out of the sun, due to possible photosensitivity. Bergamot contains a constituent called bergaptene, that increases the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. Most of the sensitizing bergatene has been distilled out of bergamot essential oil. However, some traces may remain. Bergamot BF means ‘bergatene free’. Bergamot essential oil is safe to use but use simple precautions. For example, if you apply lotion to your skin, with bergamot oil, avoid excessive sunlight. If you take a bath, with bergamot oil, take it at night in place of the morning to avoid daytime sunlight to skin.

There have been claims that oil of bergamot has many health benefits, including helping to treat psoriasis and vitiligo, treating fungal disease on the skin, killing insect pests such as lice, killing bacteria, controlling anxiety and relieving depression when used in aromatherapy, aiding digestion and relieving fever and pain. There is not much-or sometimes any-scientifically acceptable evidence to substantiate most of these claims. The oil does seem to be helpful for certain skin diseases. However, even if it does cure a skin problem there is always the danger that it will establish a more serious problem than it solves.

Skin Problems: Use of bergamot oil for skin problems is highly popular. It is extensively used in creams, soaps, sunscreen lotions, and other skin care products. If you wish to use it for acne, then opt for a facial steam using the oil. Take some hot water in a pan, say a few drops of oil in it and steam your face with it. The oil will extract the bacteria from the skin, the source of acne and prevent further acne breakout. When you use bergamot oil for allergies, it can reduce itching. Other problems like psoriasis, eczema, cold sores, cuts, cracked heels, etc. can be treated by the application of the oil locally. You should always dilute the oil with vegetable oil before you apply it directly over the skin.

Bergamot oil is composed of a complex mixture of chemicals. In addition to bergapten it contains a substance called bergamottin. This chemical is also found in grapefruit juice and is why the juice needs to be avoided by people taking certain medications. Bergamottin inhibits an enzyme that breaks down the medications in the body. This can cause a medicine to remain in the body for more than normal and perhaps reach a dangerous level if more doses are taken.

Bergamot oil also contains chemicals which may help to reduce the blood cholesterol level. However, lots more research should be made to see if this effect is real.

Perhaps in the future we will discover some wonderful-and safe-medical uses for oil of bergamot. Until then, we can at least enjoy its lovely taste and aroma.

Beta Hydroxy Uncovered

Beta hydroxy acid sounds quite complex, it seems as if it should be in a lab with all the other chemicals. But it is not as unfamiliar as you might think. Hydroxy acids are often used as components in skincare products. Beta hydroxy acid is particularly prevalent in this area, and most often when mentioned in this connection, it refers specifically to salicylic acid. This is an ingredient used in many anti-aging creams and acne treatments. When listed as an ingredient in a given product it is frequently labelled as containing BHA.

It is closely linked to the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which is another similarly used ingredient in skincare products. BHA has a range of potentially useful applications. Derivatives of salicylic acid have been utilized since the 5th century BC when a crude and unpurified form of it was employed to treat aches and pains and to reduce fevers. Another derivative is used in modern medicine to treat joint pain and muscle pain.

So, what does that mean?

The cosmetic applications of beta-hydroxy acid with regard to skincare are extensive and wide ranging. It is a key ingredient in many products in the processing of acne, psoriasis, calluses, corns, keratosis pilaris (also referred to as chicken skin) and warts. It is useful as it stimulates the skin in order that it can shed the outer layer of old and dead skin cells more easily and open clogged pores. It is able to neutralise the bacteria present within pores and also constricts the diameter of the pore to prevent it clogging up again and allow room for new cell growth. Salicylic acid is sometimes used in shampoo, due to its effect of removing dead skin cells. Broadly speaking, beta hydroxyl acid is most often used as an exfoliant.

Broader Discussion on Beta Hydroxy

Beta hydroxy acid is too high for use in high concentrations in skincare. It is stronger than the similarly used alpha hydroxy acid, and so is able to enter the skin more effectively but must be used in lower concentrations to avoid chemical burn. This is why most skincare products containing BHA use a solution of approximately 1 or 2 percent. This is normally a large enough concentration to exfoliate deep within the pore and fight stubborn blemishes and blackheads. The rest of the ingredients in a product containing beta hydroxy acid will be anti-irritants to soothe the skin after use, pH balancers for effective exfoliation and toners.

Well we have seen that BHA has wide-reaching applications and can be a particularly effective skin treatment. However, as we have seen it is an extremely strong substance so should be permitted only in moderation (solutions of about 1-2 percent). It is also chemically related to aspirin so any person who is allergic to aspirin should avoid salicylic acid in their skincare products.