Falling Behind On Your Rent?

Sometimes you may be required to take out an emergency cash loan or a guaranteed approval loan to pay your late rent. If you’re going to be late with your rent and need an emergency cash loan to make ends meet, the right thing to do is to tell your landlord that your rental payment will be late and that you’re taking measures to obtain emergency cash or payday loan.  Whether it is taking out a loan to pay your rent, borrowing from family members to pay your rent, or getting rental assistance from a charity that helps people pay their rent, you should let her know your plan to get her money to her as quickly as possible.

It isn’t compulsary for you to give your landlord a letter in writing telling him that your rent is going to be late. However, you ought to do it for several reasons.  The first is that it gives a paper trail and proves that you’re at least communicating with your landlord about  you specific situation and giving concrete dates as to when you’ll pay your late rent.  Second, it establishes your credibility with your landlord because you have shown a mark of good faith and good character. You also have a written reminder to yourself of the promise you have made. Know that if you do not follow the words of the letter, the landlord can use the letter against you as a portion of the eviction process. However, if your intentions are good and you intend on paying your late rent, then that shouldn’t matter.

Behind On Rent Update:

If it gets to the extent that the tenant is way behind on the rent and isn’t going to ‘make good’ on what they owe then you’ve got to take drastic actions. This, of course, refers to eviction for non-payment of rent. Now, there are different rules for this kind of eviction that vary from state to state. In Massachusetts, for example, you can order someone to vacate within 14 days. In California, you can not order someone to vacate less than 30 days. Also, there may be other statutory procedures required such as seeking a court decision or sending a letter of intent that you’ll soon be issuing a letter of eviction. Then again, if there is no lease you may be in a position to evict without any special procedures.

Please note: in certain states eviction notices that are founded on non-payment of rent may be forced to include the claim that the eviction order is voided if all back rent is paid within a certain time frame. Again, you need to consult with your state’s specific laws for further clarification.

Behind On Rent: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

You may want to consider several options to pay your rent, such as a bad credit personal loan, a payday loan, or a no credit personal loan.  A no cosigner personal loan is also another option as well as guaranteed loans of all sort that you can find even if you’re bad credit.  These are great options if you’re working and have a steady income to pay it back.  It isn’t a good idea for you to achieve this if you don’t have a steady income to pay these credit loans back.

If you lost your job, there’s other sources that can assist you pay your rent until while you work to go back on your feet. However, likewise have no cosigner personal loans, the pay day loan, and no credit personal loans in your mind as a valid last option.  You may have to work twice as difficult to find a job before you can have them. However, you just have to be at the job for three months to qualify for a number of these no credit loans.

Loan Modification :  You may be in a position to modify your loan to suit your current needs.  It’s an option you’ll need to consider with your lender.  Call your bank and see what they’re willing to do.

First, I ‘d like to apologize for the very fact that my rent. This was due on_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is as of this point, late.  I know and respect that you need the rent on or before the due day to keep your operation running smoothly and for my tardiness, I am truly sorry.

Due to a medical condition and my having to remain in the hospital for 2 weeks, I fell behind on all my bills.  I am now working really hard to come in compliance and bring all my creditors current.  I have borrowed money from my family members and I will be taking out a personal loan to bring all my accounts up to day.

Please accept my humble apologies for my tardiness. As you know, I have always been current on my rent and this isn’t something it’ll be a regular occurrence.  I hope this arrangement is satisfactory to you and I hope my tardiness hasn’t caused you any adverse reactions.

If necessary I will take out a pay day cash loan until the guaranteed approval loan that I applied for is ready, with a view to make sure I get my account up to date by the date specified.  I love living here. I will do all that I can to make sure my home remains secure.

Make sure you actually take the steps required to get an emergency cash loan, work more hours, borrow money from your family or take out a payday or no credit loan to get yourself up to date on your rent payments.