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There are many mothers who’re fighting the legal battle and hoping to obtain the child support, because all women are that financially strong only after the father have disown the child can give him assistance. Secondly why should she be only responsible for education of the child if she knows that who is the biological father but it isn’t taking the liability of the child. Thus to prove the truth the paternity tests becomes very important to get a convincing result. The issues regarding paternity arise in cases of the adoption, inheritance, visitation, and custody and health care. Whenever possible the mother should submit the dna samples as a participant and testing the mother increases the risk of the conclusive result. There are two types of paternity tests one is prenatal and the second is post natal tests. It has been post natal. There are two types of the prenatal tests available for the fetus depending upon the era of the baby one is Chronic Villus Sampling can be done within 10-12 weeks gestation and after 12 weeks it is safer to perform an amniocentesis. This withdraws fluid from the uterus. Both the test is carried out at the hospital and tales the whole day to perform the test.

Life in the UK Test is conducted by Ufi Ltd – a non profit organization for administering online tests and assessment – on behalf of the Home Office. In order to appear for the test, it costs almost &pound ;34. The test usually lasts for 45 minutes, and consists of 24 multiple choice questions, of including at least 18 must be correct in order to write the test. More time is allowed, for applicants with any medical condition. In the event, if candidate fails, he is obliged to take the test again. One of the greatest things regarding the test is that applicants can take test from none of the 90 test centres that are spread across the nation.

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Further discussed in the article is information on how to prepare themselves to meet the test. The test is usually based on the chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, and six of the second edition of the manual, published by the Home Office, namely, Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship. These in turn is offered in the Stationery Office as well as about all book shops. Mostly, the test covers almost all such matters as the UK culture, UK employment issues, history and heritage, law and politics, parliamentary democracy, and sometimes even science and technology.

Rather than walking in to the clinic to have samples taken for the dna test most people prefer to buy the home dna test to make things easier and conduct the test done within the protection of their home, without the intrusion of anyone. Most importantly it is more practical and effective to purchase the home dna test and it includes everything that is necessary to take the samples-often the cotton swab which needs to be wipe around the inner cheek to collects the cells, and hence forth the packaging of the dna test sent to the lab. The results of the home test are received back in around three to five working days with cent percent accuracy. The errors in the home dna tests are extremely rare and you can enjoy several advantages like if you’ve been with the several partners, you’ll find out without knowing everyone.

But for the legal paternity test the home test isn’t enough, you’ll have to go to the accredited lab for the testing. Accredited lab means that they needed to maintain their equipment’s properly calibrated for the accuracy, conduct annual inspection and audits and undergo both external and internal reviews. It is the fool proof way to obtain the final result without doubts, but do not think that this experience that includes the legal implications would be difficult one, they’re so easy to perform. But it is a bit costly because the lab work is added to the cost of the kit. The sample collection in a legal paternity test must follow the strict guideline and chain of custody procedure to maintain the integrity of the final paternity test. The procedure therefore involves that a third party independent person should participate in and verifies the identity of the parties tested through the official document. Thus the legal paternity test will always provide you final truth with full proof.